I have had really really bad reflux and cannot sleep or feel like eating?

I am 60 years old and a diabetic.
I used to take kombyglyze 500 x 1 per day however it was not lowing my morning sugars. I had to see a different doctor recently and she put me on metformin 1000 x 2 per day plus weekly injections of bydureon and since then my sugars have been low but I have had really really bad reflux and cannot sleep or feel like eating. I have heavy breathing and generally feel just tired. Please help me . I am also taking medication for reflux, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am feeling so unwell

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  1. It sounds good that your sugar level is settled now..
    For the reflux; I recommend a number of steps to treat your self.
    1-avoid eating 4hours before bed or lying down.
    2-omit fat,caffeine,citrus fruits,high fat milk products completely from diet .
    3-start a deep breathing exercise daily training.
    4-eat small meals 6 times daily.5-increase your fiber intake .
    6-drink plenty of water in every hour basis .
    7-then start taking if needed only ganaton 50mg before meals.
    8-if symptoms did not become better..start a proton pump inhibitor like nexium 40 every morning.
    Then think about GI endoscopy ..

  2. Hi
    In my opinion metformin and bydureon can cause sever reflux , drink alot of water avoid and dark color drinks (coffee soda ) drink low fat milk , avoid acidic fruits and juice ( orange and lemon )
    2 pills of zantac can fix the problem ( taken when needed )

    Good Luck

  3. You r on drugs which will cause u refux ..
    U mentioned cholesterol , your sugar is controlled only by adding combination of 2 drugs with high dose…
    I assume that your weight is crossing the centiles ..
    I can tell you, once you change your life style, do exercises and decrease your weight, at that time , you ill need no longer all these drugs,
    Take for now,
    Omeprazole , stop drinking soda or coffee or even spicy foods,
    Make an interval bet eating and sleeping.. 1 hour at least,
    Sleep with 45° , not totally flat…

  4. hi,
    you should change your eating habits.
    avoid spicy and junk food.
    keep tea to a minimum.
    dinner should be taken atleast 3 hours before sleeping.
    get a upper GIscopy done.
    hiatus hernia must be ruled out.

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