I have chronic sinus, is there something that can be done?

I have chronic sinus from april this year. I have been on 2 or 3 rounds of cortisone to help. I have tried every possible alternative therapy. I have removed wheat, gluten dairy and sugar from my diet…. but i am still battling like crazy sinus since sep.

Looked inside my nose tonight. It was extremely red with a small yellow type growth on it. Maby a polyp ??

What are the solutions here…..i cant carry on living with this sinus

Age: 40
Medications: Sinus meds
General Information: Asthma from adulthood

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  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    If you have sinus related problems then can be due to Infection in the sinuses or Sinusitis..

    As you already have sinus related problem and a history of asthma then the chances of nasal polyps is high due to continuous irritation..

    So first of all consult an Otorhinolaryngologist and get evaluated.

    A sinus x ray and nasal Endoscopy can be done for confirmation..

    By the time you can take a course of antibiotics and anti inflammatory painkillers..
    Use decongestant nasal spray..
    A combination of antihistamines like Levocetrizine, decongestant like Phenylephrine and steam inhalation can also help..

    Hope this helps.