5 Comments on “I have had balanitis for 5 years now, what is best treatment?

  1. In my opinion circumcision may be medically necessary for recurrent or serious cases, it is not the only treatment. Another remedy is antibiotics, but only for bacterial infections. A problem with antibiotics is their overuse, since antibiotic treatments can contribute to antibiotic resistance, (a major medical problem today) And other causes of the inflammation and infection can be caused by a fungus, and therefore, be unresponsive to antibiotic treatment,antifungal creams can help then.
    Maintain good penile hygiene.
    If they are recurrent then you can go for surgery..

  2. In my opinion you already know the problem and its cause , first step will be going to the doctor to check if you have any fungus or bacterial infection and treat it accordingly, you should do circumcision afterwards not before

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    circumcision should be the last treatment option.
    initially a short course of anti inflammatory tablets with antibiotics should be helpful.
    if this treatment does not help,then you should consult a doctor and get a detailed examination done.
    do not neglect.

  4. circumcision can be done and will help to some extent.
    take immune booster medicines with anti inflammatory tablets and maintain good hygiene.

  5. First of all,

    You are having phimosis or chronic balanitis
    Circumcision is a must

    If there is any symptoms now acute on top of chronic , should be treated first,
    If there is any discharge, pain , itching, swelling,
    Make your doctor take a swab and do urine analysis as well, to know if any kinda infection is there and to take the rightful medication – antibiotic or antifungal- also anti itching cream, topical steroids….

    Good hygiene is v imp.
    Safe sex

    Do you have any other medical problems like diabetis or something else??

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