I have had badly swollen legs and feet from the knee joint down for a month?

I have had badly swollen legs and feet from the knee joint down for a month or so now . I had bloods taken , and xray on my heart to see it was not enlarged as I am on Blood Pressure medication, both showed up nothing at all. I then went for a ct scan but due to the foot swelling they only managed to get the fluid into one leg and the result showed up inconclusive !!! I have been taking water tablets since that more thab 2 weeks ago. The swelling has gone down a lot and you can see the veins in the feet clearly. Some areas of the leg a like spungy and you can press the skin in and it comes back out in a short while. Although never had any pain I have tingly feelings in the legs . I am UK resident but working in Okpo S.Korea. I have stayed in Indonesia for the last 9 years.

Age: 61
Medications: Blood pressure tablets. 1 adalat twice daily, 1 Norvasc daily and 1 Intrak daily. I also take 1 omeprazole daily for reflux ( for the last 15 years)

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  1. Swollen legs and feet can be due to a number of causes. Bilateral swelling is often due to cardiac or kidney problems. You will need to first get your heart and kidneys checked. ECG, Echocardiogram, Urinalysis and Blood tests. If swelling on one leg only check for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Also prescription medications such as Adalat and Norvasc can cause swelling. Other causes to consider are Edema, Inflammation and Varicose veins. Wearing compression socks, exercising and keeping legs raised above your heart for 45 minutes per day can help.

  2. Hi.
    Swelling of legs and feet is a commonly seen in cases of heart disease, kidney disease, at times uncontrolled diabetes etc.

    At times certain medication, thyroid problems can also be a cause..

    So first of all you should get a kidney function test done, Echocardiogram, Urinalysis and also blood sugar and HbA1c and a thyroid profile done..

    Once the results are with you please upload them.

    For now you should continue taking diuretics and along with it limit salt and water intake..

    You should walk for about 5 minutes after every hour.
    You should exercise daily and sleep with keeping pillows under the legs so that theor level raises above heart to let the fluid pump back..


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