I have had an infection in my finger for About 8 days?

Hi, I have had an infection in my finger for About 8 days. I believe that it is paronychia. A few days ago I noticed severe pain in my left underarm, and the following day I began to have flu like symptoms. I have full body aches, fever, and the pain with the finger, as well as swelling. Not really sure if this is something that I can treat at home , or if I need to seek my doctor. Thank you so much .

Age: 19
Medications: None
General Information: I was at a spring last Saturday and I feel like I had a cut on my nail and may have gotten something into my finger to cause this.

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  1. Hello. You should be soaking your finger in warm water mixed in with antibacterial soap or Epsom salt several times a day. Apply antiseptic. The pain under arm is probably a lymph node swelling in response to infection. If fever increases, finger redness increases and soaking doesn’t help you will need to see a doctor soon. I would give it 48 hours, if no improvement consult. Regards.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    You have infection and it looks to be reaching the blood causing fever and other symptoms..

    But you need not to worry as it will get better with medicine..

    You should consult an Emergency room and get evaluated and a course of antibiotics and a combination or Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen will help in reducing, infection, pain and fever..

    Also soak your finger in warm water dissolved with Epsom salt and also do cool compresses..

    Hope this helps..


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