I Have had a fever for 5 days, should I go to hospital?

I Have had a fever for 5 Days 104 – 104.5 degrees . I suspect it may be caused by a tooth infection since my gums are swollen and has minor tooth pain .Two weeks ago I also had a recent stomach ulcer surgery procedure and a follow up scope last week. Should I wait it out or do I need to go to hospital and get IV antibiotics and make sure the Stomach repair is not causing the high fever.

Age: 26
Medications: Tylenol ,
General Information: Past Stomach ulcers corrected by surgery

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  1. Hi.

    No you should not wait as the fever is too high and can be due to bacterial or viral infection..

    You should get a blood test done to rule out the nature of Infection and get treated accordingly..

    Take Tylenol for now to reduce fever..
    Do cool sponges over forehead and extremities to reduce fever.

    Hope this helps..


  2. Hello if like that please get an Ultrasound scan done to know if there is abscess in the operated area .As such a high fever could not be due to dental infection .

  3. Hi.Your fever is very high.It could possibly be related to your surgery.See a doctor immediately. A Complete haemogram and ultrasound of the operated area to look for any abscess may be done.Take Acetaminophen for fever.Take lots of fluids and keep yourself hydrated.

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