I have had 5 surgeries I am in constant pain.

My name is (…) i am 49 years old. I have had 5 surgeries to remove mesh from my female area 2 of those were reconstruction surgeries. I have had my hack checked nothing is wrong with it. I am in constant pain. I try to work but my wrist knees back gut elbow and ankles hurt constantly. I have headaches. I also have a hard time functioning because being in pain all the timw is depressing.i don’t sleep much. My dr has placed me on a pain pill levothroxin osphena. I also take zoloft. But to be honest between the pain no sleep i am so tired all the time and i just want to cry

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  1. Hi
    Did your doctor use Electrocautery ?
    In my opinion it is either Electrocautery or urinary tract infection , do a urine test first .
    Good Luck

  2. hi
    this seems to be related to a hormonal disturbance affecting the whole body system.
    i recommend you to get thyroid,parathyroid and kidney funtion tests done.
    Take anti inflammatory and calcium / vitamin D supplements .

  3. In my opinion this is mostly an autoimmune disorder based on your multiple joints pain and it has nothing to do with your surgeries..
    Get a CRP /ESR testing done.

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