I have H-pylori ulcers in the stomach what should I eat?

I have H-pylori ulcers in the stomach. I’ve been taking Pantocid medicine for past 15 days.
And due to this I can’t eat properly. I feel scratchy and pain while eating. I have a recent problem of piles too.
Kindly explain this, and please tell what should I eat.

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  1. One word ; go alkaline
    Avoid all types of acidic foods ,citrus ,fatty, fried , caffeine ,chocolates etc..
    Eat high fiber diet ;fruits vegetables ,lean chicken meat, and increase your vegetarian proteins while decrease animal proteins, pro biotics can help,drink plenty of water..and omit any spicy or junk food ..as well as getting the triple therapy ..

  2. Hi..
    So sorry to hear about your problem..

    Well, you should take a balanced diet that is a combination of fresh fruits and begetables.
    Avoid spicy and heavy meals.
    Add plenty of probiotics like Yogurt in diet..
    Limit intake of dairy..
    Drink plenty of water..
    Do moderate walking..

    Be on regular follow up with your Gastroenterologist,.

    Hope this helps..

  3. Ask your doctor to change the medication, May be you are allergic to it
    U must complete your medication regimen to eradicate the h pylori infection

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