I have gastric problems with itching and breathing problems, getting worse?

2 months back, at night I faced severe stomach ache in the middle of my stomach. My mom thought at first it was due to gastric problems and gave me the medicine but it didn’t work. I tried passing excreta and after a lot of attempts it passed, and I was expecting my pain to reduce by then but it got severe. My dad gave me some pain killer for stomach ache and then finally it reduced. After 2 weeks or so, I again faced the same problem and I took the same tab again and the pain reduced again. It repeated the same way after 3 weeks and I took the medicine but this time it didn’t reduce. After some time, I drank a little ajwain in water and it reduced a little and slowly disappeared. The next day, I got the same pain.
When my stomach had pained for the first time, my whole body had started itching and I had allergy tablet and it reduced for 2-3 days, but it started again. Currently the itching isn’t much, but whenever it itches, the small part of skin in that place swells and turns red like how it happens when a mosquito bites.
Since few days, I am even suffering from back pain and lower abdominal pain, in the absence of stomach pain and I even face breathing difficulties since few months. At the beginning I wasn’t able to breath in absence of wind, but now I feel suffocated more.
I even feel very hungry at times, my stomach gets hot and it won’t get even half filled despite eating a lot of things and I feel a little weakness in my arms and legs. Can you please tell me what might be the problem?

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  1. hi
    this may be due to hormonal variations.
    However intra abdominal and thoracic pathologies need to be ruled out.
    A usg abdomen with a CT chest will help.
    Get complete hemogram and electrolytes checked.

  2. Hi
    In my opinion after reading all your symptoms i think you have sever allergy with maybe a viral infection
    I recommend that you first see a rheumatologist
    You can take hyroxyzine 10 mg to treat all your symptoms untill then

    Good Luck

  3. I have read through your history many times and for me I think you are suffering a IBS and an allergic reaction ..
    Use topical antuhistaminics and a food diary..also I think you are stressed and anxious ..some of these symptoms can be better by dietary changes and yoga ..

  4. This is most probably irritable bowel disease symptomatized by constipation, high fober diet, spasmodigestin will make a progress, also i need you to do thyroid profile and CBC

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