I have fibromyalgia and I have flare ups all the time?

Hi I’m 46 years old female I have fibromyalgia an I have flare ups all the time but this one has had me down for two weeks and I’m getting worse I take cymbalta,nuerotin,meloxicam,am baclofen and I’m still not getting no relief even using tens unit I’m trying to wait it out don’t like er

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  1. hi,
    if the above medicines are not providing relief,then you should go for a short course of steroids with potent NSAIDS .
    Injectable analgesics can be taken intramuscularly for severe pain.
    Consult ER to avoid things getting worse.

  2. If I were your doctor I would not prescribe you more medications and I would have advised you to use remedies like acupuncture ,heat and cold therapy,physiotherapy ,meditation ,yoga,biofeedback ,deep tissue massage and neuromuscular massage rather than using more medications ..

  3. Hi
    You need to know the cause of fibromalgia in order to control it, do kidney profile, full blood electrolytes (magnesium, zinc, calcium/phosphorus)
    Also do a full antibody profile test for auto immune disease
    Stronger drugs can be prescribed but they are dangerous, you need to be under supervision before taking them like epicotil
    Good Luck

  4. Hi..
    Steroids and anti inflammatory painkillers can help that can be taken orally as well as injectable..

    Get a complete body checkup done for confirmation of the cause of fibromyalgia so that it can be treated accordingly..

    Hope this helps..

  5. If your doctor is quite sure that you have fibromyalgia, u should go for physiotherapy .. one of the best options better, I am astonished, why most doctors do not give this treatment that attention and rapidly go for medications

    HOPE this May help ..

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