I have fever of 103 with stiffness in jaw and neck?

42 y old male
Stiffness in my jaw and neck
Difficulty swallowing
Abdominal spasms
Fever of 103
had not been sick during the last 6 weeks.
incurred a small but deep burn on my left arm when it accidently brushed against the engine of my tractor while i was fertilizing my corn fields approximately 10 days ago.



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3 Comments on “I have fever of 103 with stiffness in jaw and neck?

  1. Hi
    This is probably viral pharyngitis, usually associated with bacterial throat infection you should be okay within 6 days, manage the fever with anti antipyretic drugs, take general antibiotics for the possible bacterial infection .
    Common cold medication like antiflu can control most of your symptoms
    Good Luck

  2. Hi..
    The symptoms are looking like those.of tetanus .
    Have you been vaccinated for tetanus and is the booster dose was taken?

    Please write back..


  3. Hi, i am afraid those could be tetanic spasms after your wound injury could be infected,you need to get an anti tetanus shot asap if yours is old enough, Go to the .ER

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