I have fatigue and muscle aches, could it be Fibromyalgia?

Fatigue and muscle pain with normal test results

I have fatigue and muscle aches. I have had several blood test and all have come back normal. I was told it could be Fibromyalgia. I read about adrenal fatigue online and it fits my symptoms also, however, I have read some that say it is a real condition and some who say it is not. Is adrenal fatigue a real condition?

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  1. Hi
    Adrenal fatigue is not a scientific term, I recommend checking your kidney, also general stress ( adrenal fatigue) can cause your problem in which case you should see a psychiatrist
    Good Luck

  2. Hi..
    I really need to know a full symptoms story so I can determine the nearest possibility for your problem..where are the pains ? Is it generalized or localised ? What makes it worse?
    Is there any history of musculoskeletal problems?

  3. Hi..
    Do you also have weight gain, edema, lack of concentration etc..
    Adrenal fatigue is a general term used for a combination of symptoms..

    Please revert back .


  4. Don’t trust the online medical explanation and terms 100%

    You need to be exmamined and the appropriate tests should be done

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