I have extreme pain in my lower right abdomen, ER doctor says it is a cyst?

Extreme pain in my lower right abdomen started in March. After 2 visits to ER, 1 visit to OBGYN, 1 visit to Primary care phys and then admitted to Hospital I’m still in pain. ER said it is the cyst, appendix was ruled out. OBGYN said its too small to be causing my extreme pain. Hospital did check gallbladder, did an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Some minor issues were found in GI but nothing significant. My pain in my lower right abdomen is unbearable. Tramadol was prescribed, but does nothing. Other symptoms included: constant nausea, constipation, pain in my mid and lower back down into my butt and hips. Pain in lower abdomen sometimes hurts on both sides now. At times I feel pressure in my entire abdomen. Spend days with heat packs wrapped around me laying in bed or sitting in a warm tub. It has completely disabled me from any normal function during the day except to concentrate on alleviating the pain. I have had 4 menstrual cycles since this began and it hasn’t gotten any better. I have Factor V Lieden, which caused 3 miscarriages over ten years ago, but not sure if this is an issue. I need some direction before I loose my mind to the pain.

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  1. Hi..
    Your symptoms are kind of typically due to Appendicitis only..
    I would like you to upload all your investigation reports so that I can evaluate them and advise you how you should proceed for the treatment.
    If pain is severe then you can get injectable or i.v painkillers from emergency..

    Please revert back with reports..


  2. Sometimes a little cyst like that can press on nerves and cause extreme pain. Have you tried a course of antibiotics to see if that helps? It may be infection. Severe infections may require 3 weeks worth of antibiotics. Because you have stomach symptoms it may not be the cyst as it wouldn’t cause nausea.

  3. Hi Post: have you found treatments yet ?
    My mom (72 years old) suffering abdominal pain over past 3 months. 4 different hospitals performed all different kind of x-rays, CT scans, Ultrasound, blood vessel scan, lab work, urine test. All results came out normal and/or negative. No one knows what causing the pain.
    The pain is severe around the belly button. Never go away for over 3 months. It gotten worse now especially when the pain is extremely high which cause her blood pressure goes up and she cannot breathe. Hospital stated that nothing found to be life threatening and cannot keep her in the hospital. Always refer her back to GI doctor. No one diagnose her symptom so she basically laying at home with severe pain until she can’t handle it and take back to ER again and again.
    GI Dr. performed colonoscopy everything clear and fine and he couldn’t think of what might causing the pain. She has history of constipation but the pain still the same even after she cleanout to do the colonoscopy procedure.
    Current daily medications taking:
    Indapamide 2.5 mg
    AmLodipine Besylate 5 mg
    Lovastin 40 mg
    Clonidine 0.2mg
    Ecotrin 81mg
    Irbesartan 300 mg
    Trulance 3mg
    Omeprqzole 40mg
    Any help and recommendations from Doctors or any one would be appreciated.

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