I have experienced severe pain in both my knees, feels like a sledge hammer coming down on my knees?

I am a 41 year old female. I take medication for blood pressure, a water pill and a statin. My tonsils have been removed and I was diagnosed with vitiligo at age 8.
The past two nights I have experienced severe pain in both my knees. It is a constant pain that I describe as a sledge hammer coming down on my knees. There is no redness and no swelling and I can move without worsening or lessening the pain. The pain will eventually taper off on it’s own, only to return at bedtime. I have had xrays and blood work done and have been advised of nothing to explain what is happening. I have had no injuries and do not participate in sports. I have no prior issues with joints, or my knees. I do walk daily for exercise. I am wondering what could be causing this sudden issue?

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  1. This can be explained by only 2 possibilitys
    First is sever cold in knee joint which scientificly increase at night causing sever pain
    Second is panic attack which also show at bedtime
    No physiological reason is logical your symptoms
    Yet if you have a small degree of Osteoarthritis , the previous two explainations can increase pain

    Good Luck

  2. This pain may be neurogenic pain or rheumatic pain or due to cold weather .. get an ESR test done and if you have pain in your back get a magnetic magnetic resonance For your lumbar area

  3. hi
    this can possibly happen due to auto immune response inside your body.
    get detailed blood investigations done.
    pcrrna test will help confirm the diagnosis

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    get mris of both knees done to rule out cartilage and ligament damage.
    deending on the reports,appropriate medicines and arthoscopy can be planned.

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