I have experienced permanent blurred light vision (over a year)?

While on the recreation street drug ecstasy, I got a massage. I was faced down and my eyes were pressured as the masseuse worked my upper back. Afterwards, I was sleepy and had to force my eyes open to stay awake. That’s when my eyes made a popping noise. After that, I experienced permanent blurred light vision (over a year). More specifically, bright LED lights at night are the only lights that will blur and only at a distance. What is the cause of my vision impairment, and is there a cure?

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  1. In my opinion this is irrelevant to your massage session and what happened there …you may be suffering astigmatism that may need using glasses ..see an opthalmologist.

  2. In my opinion you need to do spatial contrast sensitivity, slit-lamp and standard Snellen eye chart tests to determine the extent of the problem , pressure on the eye may have caused an inflammation in the retina which healed in a wrong way , also ecstasy can cause blurred vision but not for a year unless you are already using it for a long time

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    massage session usually won’t cause such eye problems.
    may be refractive error or lens problem.
    get opthalmoscopy and retinoscopy done.
    consult a opthalmologist.
    does not seem to be serious issue and you should definitely get a cure.

  4. I am afraid you there is some elements of retinal insult, or can be some error of refraction
    You need to fundus examination and visual acuity …

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