I have episodes where at first I feel really confused and then fall into a daze?

Hi, I’m 16 years old and from Denmark.
So, I’ll try my best to write in English. I’ve since spring this year experienced 5 time periods on a week each were I have been out of myself.
Half of the times it has been after drinking alcohol and other times just randomly.
In these 7 days were I’m having ‘this thing’ I at first feel really confused. It feels like my normal knowledge and polish has been left outside of a box i’m trapped in. I can’t figure anything out and I feel like i’m dreaming all the time: when people speak to me/or when i’m speaking to people, i do not seem to signal it all the time and i can actually end up answering with mumble.
I feel stupid basic and frustrated, because i can’t figure out why my brain won’t work and why I don’t seem to solve the normal stuff like knowing what time it is, putting on lipstick, finding stuff and even just figuring out how to speak without speaking in haze and feeling like i’m just dreaming. In the end of the period it’s the hardest: i’m so tired and i do not care about anything, because i’m tired of fightig my brain to stay ‘clever’ – i fall asleep almost every hour no matter where, and end up taking a day off because i just can’t take it anymore and i have to sleep, so i do not feel like i’m living in a world i can’t figure out how to live in.

I almost feel drunk, just in 7 days.
I’ve had an MR-scan but it didn’t show anything

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  1. In my humble opinion …it is an attention deficit disorder (ADD) symptoms—inattention.
    A psychiatrist can diagnose you clearly and prescribe your medications ..
    If your symptoms are causing limited activities of daily life then it is urgent to see a specialist Now..
    Hope this helps you.

  2. In my opinion first check potassium and sodium levels , second check you alcohol intake (too much or sudden stop can cause your symptoms ) , finally check for recent stress or depression
    In this case you need to see a psychologist
    Good Luck

  3. hi,
    this seems to be a psychological disorder and MRI obviously won’t show anything significant.

    you seem to be in lot of stress and you need a consultation with a psychiatrist and a counsellor.
    De-stress yourself with yoga and meditation.
    anxiolytic medicines can help.

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    you seem to be suffering from short term memory loss.
    this can happen due to chemical imbalance in brain tissue or hormonal changes.
    a neurophysician will be in a better position to help u

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