I have cognitive impairment. Can I get dementia as a young adult?

I’m 17 years old and I am a girl. I have cognitive impairment. It was severe when I was younger. Before I had it, I had cross eye and lazy eye. I got eye surgery around the age 3. I’m just concern about my future. Can teens and young adults with mild cognitive impairment get dementia or also get dementia when it declines?

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  1. Could be lack of sleep or improper diet (not enough vitamins , can not assume dementia
    Is there any family history of signs of dementia before age of 40 cuz it could be Huntington disease
    Need more information to help

  2. Hi and welcome to question doctors .com
    If your case is going better from childhood to adolescence then it is a good sign ..some research suggests that it is predisposing
    To dementia in old age ..

  3. Dementia is a general term to many brain function deterioration.
    It may be related to cognitive impairment and may not be so.
    So a normal person can get them after the age of 60 and also the cognitive impaired person.

  4. hi
    generally ,at your age, it has good prognosis. needs regular check ups and assessments.

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