I have chest pain, I have an ecg report saying Borderline ECG?

I have an ecg report saying Borderline ECG with following details

ECG report
Normal Sinus rhythm
RSR or QR pattern in V1 suggests right ventricular conduction delay
Borderline ECG

I am 27 year old male and in my family no one have any heart disease and neither I have any. Now due to some past incidences in last 3-4 months I was in stress and almost on 0 exercise. I am feeling some chest pain both the sides for some time in a day since last week. I am trying to come back to normal routine of exercising but still I thought to consult a doctor who took this ECG report and asked for number of other reports which on basis of it. I am not sure if I go ahead with further checkups or is this normal.


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  1. Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
    The computer makes it analysis based upon a textbook perfect and normal EKG pattern. Not many people will have such a textbook perfect and normal EKG. Therefore, any slight difference between your EKG pattern and this “perfect and normal” pattern may cause the computer to say “borderline ECG” – even though your EKG may be just fine and normal for you.

    Different people will have slightly different EKGs (almost like finger prints). A tall thin person will have a noticeably different EKG than a short round person. People with large and round chests may have “low QRS voltage” due to their large body size. The more tissue there is for the EKG voltage to have to travel through, the lower the voltage appears on the EKG tracing. A low QRS voltage on an obese person is not unusual, but the computer does not take this into account. If you are a skinny person with a low QRS voltage, this may be something that the doctor has to review.

    These two items probably mean absolutely nothing, but you will have to ask your doctor to explain why the interpretation says what is does.

  2. sympathetic over charge cause partial bundle block
    U will get better eventualy with no drugs
    If u r still concerned u should see a psychologist not a cardiologist ,the more relaxation u get the faster u improve

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