Question: I have breathing problems…is it related to my stuttering?

I am 32 yrs old ,female, single. I have worked in laboratory of chemical analysis of drug for 10 years.

1. I feel that air is not enter completely into the body when inhale.It means that i don’t get deep breath and,get just short breath
2. One surprising is that my abdomen is compressed when inhale and expand in exhale. It is not normal. But in lying position, it is normal like other people. This is not ok for me and not comfortable.
3. I am also a stutterer (stammer) person. Although I m stutter since childhood, it is worsen in this condition now. I am very depressed on this in my work and my life. I had read in some literature before that stuttering is relief in complete and deep breathing.
So I think that there is a relationship between stuttering and my breathing although there is other cause for stuttering.
4. So, no matter what happen, I want to relief from signs and symptom including breathing and stuttering. Therefore i would like to consult you and please give me advice what investigation and what i should do.

5. I take chest X ray last week. Although my lungs may or may not be dangerous according to X ray result, I just want it in normal condition. Result is the following. May I know your opinion on X ray result and further investigation I will do, please. Please understand my feeling and help me as much as u can. Thanks a lot, Sir.
Heart is normal. Calcification is noted in pul foci and no active lung lesion seen. There is blunting of Rt.costophrenic angle.

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  1. hi..
    according to me, there is definitely some relation between stuttering and breathing problems. this may increase to some extent with age, but not much.
    your chest xray seems to be fine and doesnt seem to show any major pathology that will cause breathing problems for you.

    shortness of breath can be managed by breathing exercises and yoga.
    stuttering needs to be tackled by a speech therapist.

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