I have blood pressure issues, family has a history of stroke and heart disease?

I’m a 46 year old male with borderline blood pressure issues family has a history of stroke and heart disease I’ve had headaches and shortness of breath I went to donate plasma and they said my blood pressure was too high I started taking my sister’s blood pressure medicine and it is still ranging from 186/120 to 177/114 with a heart rate of 95-115 should I be seen I have no insurance and have been out of work we are under lots of stress as we lost our home and our kids have been split up so they could be in a home is it just stress


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  1. Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
    This is really not something to neglect.
    Even if you this it is just stress ..it is still a life threatening condition.
    Your b.p is markedly high.and the drug prescribed for your sister is not going to be suitable for you..
    There is no 2 similar cases..
    You need to see a cardiologist as you will need special drug and dose according to your case.
    Stress release techniques are helpful like yoga,stretching,meditation,breathing exercises .but not enough

  2. This is not just stress if you systolic pass 180 and dyastolic pass 120 you must seek a doctor immediately he will tecommend 2 types of drugs together at once
    If still think it is just stress take hydroxyzine 10mg 3 times a day
    See if blood pressure improves

    Good Luck

  3. HI

  4. hi
    you have high blood pressure that needs medical attention. do not ignore. consult a doctor. start on anti hypertensive medicines as early as possible.thanks

  5. hello there
    high levels of bp.do not neglect or take anyone else’s medicines. u need a special consultation with physician. start medicines accordingly

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