5 Comments on “I have bloating feeling in my upper abdomen under my chest top of stomach?

  1. This could be GERD ,and hiatal hernia, you need to see a GI doctor for examination and further evaluation .
    Try stopping caffeine,chocolates,spicy foods,fatty foods,citruses ..
    How old are you ?

  2. Hi
    This is acid reflux (GERD) , take Maalox, zantac and Prilosec
    DO Not take them for more than 2 weeks
    Good Luck

  3. hi
    this is due to severe indigestion and gastritis.
    get liver function tests and gastro endoscopy done.
    take antacids with probiotics tablets

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    It looks like acid reflux along with excessive gas formation..

    Consult a Gastroenterologist and get evaluated..

    As of now take antacids like Milk of magnesia..
    Avoid spicy food and drink plenty of water..
    Always take walk after meals and take your dinner atleast 2 hours before sleep..
    Take Simethicone to reduce gas formation and bloating..
    You should sleep with head slightly raised as compared to feet..

    Hope this information helps..

  5. Take the GERD regimen , but I recommend u to do LFT and alkaline phosphatase, And abdominal US

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