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  1. hi
    it seems to be a type of sexually transmitted disease. since how long have you got these lesions.?
    are these bumps painful or do they bleed ?
    the lesions seem to be in early stages though, but surely need medical attention. consult a sexologist

  2. HI

  3. hello there
    these may well be an onset of std. other possibility is of an underlying infection that may present in such a way during early stages. application of local cream ,if helpful,should be continued for atleast 15 days.
    do consult a venerologist

  4. The bumps you have appear to be either a normal variation in the skin, or lichen nitidus. There are lots of variations in the skin that are not STDs. You may need a dermatologist to accurately diagnose and treat…
    Are they itchy or painful?bleeding?

  5. I have nearly an exact simile of this. I can elaborate, as not much information nor any follow up to questions were provided by the initial poster. They are raised lesions, and are sensitive to the touch, not necessarily painful but somewhat like a minor scratch or abrasion. They do not appear to be easily ruptured as moderate probing did not yield anything other than pain, no expression of fluid/blood/core material. Mine appeared nearly instantly, simply one day I noticed them. They have not spread but have also not subsided. I have tried only a triple antibiotic applied to to the affected area, which appears to minimally reduce their size and fade the color a bit, but again they do not completely resolve. I have abstained from masturbation and intercourse for several weeks to ensure it was not something I had done to myself by way of inadvertent injury, however there was no change. I do have what appears to be a few gentle warts, hence believing this to also be some kind of STD manifestation, though the wart-like lesions are recent whereas the coronal blemishes have been there for more than 6-8 months at this time. I have seen my primary physician on a few occasions though they have not made a definitive diagnosis not prescribed anything aside from Valacyclovir HCL (Valtrex), though I have never had a visual outbreak of Herpes. Thank you.

  6. Ok I have the same thing I need to know what they r any help the are black little dots and I thought they were thrones so I plucked them out with twizers they didn’t come out that easy but still came out

  7. I have these same things recently. In a monogamous relationship I am highly doubtful these are STD. As one Dr. Has pointed out, the do seem to be related to vigorous sexual activity especially a rough handjob. I had one become rather I flamed after such activity and it ruptured revealing a hardened black core and deep pore. I am leaning towards these being some type of blackhead.

  8. Hi my age 37 and I have this type of pimples too. I have these from 20 years . Before marriage I have this but these pimple don’t go yet. I have 2 children.
    These pimple don’t bleed, never painful and no ichy . Is that normal or harmful in future. What should I do.

  9. I have the exact same thing as the picture.
    I recall seeing a doctor about it many years ago and was told that it was not an STD, and was harmless.
    I do not remember the technical name for it, however.
    Still, you are not alone – but I see that even the “doctors” on this site that are giving feedback are not all in agreement regarding what it is – so that is troubling.
    Maybe I’ll go back to my doctor and/or see a dermatologist to see if these can be removed – at least for cosmetic purposes – because they certainly “look” abnormal.

  10. I have had the same thing for about 5 weeks now, had 5 different doctors look at it, none of them has said it is sexually transmitted, any one else have any answers

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