I have been tested at the two week mark and was negative for all STI’s but I have a red lump on my neck?

I recently had a sexual encounter with a prostitute in (—) about 5 weeks ago. I wore a condom for receiving oral sex off her and during sex but I did give her oral sex.

I have been tested at the two week mark and was negative for all STI’s I’m currently waiting on results from a 4 week test.

My main concern is a have a red lump on my neck which developed about two weeks ago. It hasn’t gone anyway and barely improved since I initially thought it was a pimple so I tried popping it several times. It leaked clear fluid for a little while and bled a lot when I eventually popped it. Since then I have picked at it a lot but nothing else has came out. It layers itself with dead skin a lot but that’s about it.

I am concerned this could be a chancre from what I’ve read online these normally appear where you’ve had unprotected sex and rarely on the face etc. Is it possible to have one on the neck?

If so could other people catch it by simply touching it with their hands, arms or another part of their body via no sexual contact at all?

The lump is about two inches down from my ear and is completely painless. Slightly raised above the skin and I wouldn’t classify it as an open sore but I am not sure.

Thank you

Age: 23
Medications: None

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  1. Normally a chancre is transmitted only through mucous membranes or breaks in the skin. So it is very very highly unlikely that it can be located on the neck. It would have most probably showed up around your mouth area first. A chancre if touched with a part of the body other than mouth area or genitals needs to be in contact with an open cut or skin break of some sort for it to be transmitted.

  2. Okay that makes sense.

    Could it be anything else other than stubborn pimple? Any STD’s that may give this sort of lump for example?

  3. A chancre is a painless sore or ulcerative lesion, typically found around the genital region. These lesions often look similar to the hard shell of a crab (1 – 2 cm in diameter) which explains why the term ‘chancre’ comes.

    So in case if you got exposed to any Sexually transmitted infection during oral sex then the chancre must have been on your lips and mouth..

    So the red lump does not look like chancre..

    Also as your STI tests are negative it further confirm that it is not STI.

    So my suggestion is to once consult a Physician and get evaluated as it canbe a bacterial infection or a fungal infection and needs proper monitoring and treatment.


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