I have been suffering from joint disease for 2 months?

Hello. I’m a 27-year-old woman. I have been suffering from joint disease for 2 months. About 17 days ago when i felt much better i decided to use infrared sauna because of good information about it online. I thought it would be useful for my disease. After 3 times using infrared sauna I started feeling hurt at all joints in my body. And i stopped using it after 7 times. Now i have stopped for 1 weeks. But all my joints still hurt alot. Although i never feell hurt at some those joints before. Why this happed to me? How can i make this symptom disappear? Please help

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  1. Infra red can worsen your condition if you have
    1 Rheumatoid arthritis
    2 if you get exposed to cold air after wards
    3 if you have a cardiovascular or renal problem

    I recommend you do C-reactive protein ,RH factor , calcium/phosphorus levels tests
    Also have a urine test

    Good Luck

  2. This can happen only if you have an autoimmune disease ..
    CRP test..
    Ana test
    Can figure out if there is any autoimmune active disease .

  3. hi
    this can be due to osteopenia, weak joint cartilages or diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and seronegative arthropathies.
    a detailed blood profile targetting these conditions should be done.
    consult a orthopedist.

  4. Stop infrared ttt
    You r still young, may be you r suffering osteoporosis, dO BMD, consult physiotherapist and orthopedist

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