I have been sick for the last 3 weeks, cold sore like blisters on eyelids?

I have been sick for the last 3 weeks, taking OTC meds. It was getting worse. starting with just being really tired and then into coughing sneezing runny nose. I have asthma and ezcema. One day I was having really bad allergies. I rubbed my eyes, they became raw. I put first aid ointment on them to protect them and also took a benadryl. I woke up this past saturday morning with cold sore like blisters and pimply looking things on and around my eyelids. They itch and hurt a lot. The swelling and redness seems to have gone away but I believe its because I started taking clindamycin Saturday night (I have a family member who is a PA). Some of the sores seems to have scabbed over but the pimple things are still there and seem to be spreading. I was told it can be impetigo, and than after seeing it in person I was told it looked like an ezcema break out that became infected. I have not gone to see a doctor or have been to the hospital. I just want some peace of mind and know what exactly this is. I have attached pictures. Thank you!!!

Medications: Symbicort, Pro-air, clindamycin

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  1. Hi
    This looks like bacterial infection ,
    My opinion you are on the right track using clindamycin , however itching and rubbing spreads the infection so I recommend an antihistaminic and an anti-inflammatory
    Good Luck

  2. HI,
    IN my opinion , since they have improved with antibiotic then most probably are impetigo , so keep on it for 14 days and take general considerations for prevention of spreading infection to others parts.

  3. Hi..
    It looks like bacterial infection only..
    As there is itching too you can go for a combination pf a steroid and antiseptic ointment..
    Oral Antibiotics can help in resolving infection faster.
    Apply Calamine lotion to soothe the skin.

    Hope this helps..

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