I have been living with herpes for 17yrs?

I am a 39yr old immunocompromised female. I have been living with herpes for 17yrs. I had been having recurrent episodes of herpes and a doctor prescribed 400mg of acyclovir per day for 6 months for suppression. Over the years, before taking the medication, I have noticed that I normally get the recurrent outbreaks between a few days before my menstrual period to a few days after. If I were to take the 400mg per day of acyclovir during only this period in which I normally get outbreaks to cut down on the cost of buying the acyclovir, would this still be an effective treatment method, and more importantly, would this intermittent taking of acyclovir increase the chances of or cause the HPV to become resistant to the acyclovir?


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  1. Hi..
    Regular intake of medication is a must to keep the viral count low otherwise if you are already immunocompromised, the viral count can shoot up leading to eruption of sores..
    So it is advisable to take regular dose of medication..


  2. Hi..
    You can however discuss with your doctor to check if lower doses or generic prescriptions can be advised as they are less costly..


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