I have been having body wide muscle twitching, is it ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis?

I have been having body wide muscle twitching for 4 or 5 days now. Pain in my neck when I turn a certain way. Crackling in my jaw and right leg when I move it. Very fatigued. Headaches. Could this be ALS? I’m so scared and can’t see anything else it could be. I haven’t drank coffee in 3 days to see if that could be it. I also have ringing in my ears at time and some pain in my back. I feel really weak as well.

Age: 28
Medications: Celexa, flexiril, naproxen
General Information: I had a blood test to see if my electrolytes were off and haven’t gotten the results back.

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  1. Probably not. Could be a pinched nerve. Could be a functional disorder. ALS is incredibly rare, causes weakness, paralysis, and it’s progressive over a long time. It doesn’t happen over 5 days. And it doesn’t involve joints. Talk to a doctor, and dont worry about ALS.

  2. A number of conditions can cause the symptoms you mentioned. Don’t jump to conclusions. Further investigation is required. for ALS – MRI, EMG,NCS. Consult your doctor for testing.

  3. I have been having clogged ear issues and post nasal drip since October. Could this be bulbar onset?

  4. Getting a Blood Test and MRI will help rule out possible diseases and conditions and put your mind at ease.

  5. Hi.
    You should not directly think of some vague complications.
    Just get an MRI scan done first followed by further investigations to confirm the diagnosis..

    Hope this helps..

  6. I had an MRI and it was clear.

  7. My blood test was also clear.

  8. In that case you will a complete examination by a neurologist.

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