I have been experiencing skipped beats at night time when falling asleep?

I am a 27 year old female, about 5 stone over weight. Since march this year I have been experiencing skipped beats at night time when falling asleep, sometimes my arms and legs twitch with it, several times till I nodd off. I have this odd pressure in my chest that comes and goes, with a back ache and tight neck. Chest pressure seems to reappear when I eat certain foods or have a beer….I had a 48 hour heart monitor 3 months ago because of the palpitations. I have an irregular pulse that comes and goes and a slightly long qt as stated by my gp, however after seeing the cardiologist after my heart monitor his write up said that my heart was normal? Normal variant ect…I belch alot and sometimes have to make myself sick as feel like my food just sits there for hours on end, this also makes my chest pressure worse when I make myself sick. I have absolutely terrified myself at night now as am petrified to go to sleep as the skipped beats always start up. The anxiety only came along after the palpitations presented themselves to note. Any person would suffer some anxiety when the heart is involved. What is wrong with me? My GP said that I have a hernia but it was never picked up on my endoscopy few weeks back? How would he know that if it was never seen on the endoscopy? What’s causing my chest pressure all day and skipped beats at night? I have indeterminate colitis, asthma. I’m on mesalazine. Steroid inhalers (palpitations were there before I started on this medication) omeprazole.

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  1. Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
    Palpitations has many causes but yours is mostly triggered by the following acid reflux/hiatal hernia and stress…
    Hernia can be seen by endoscopy by measuring the diameter of the sphincter between the esophages and the stomach..
    Try cutting back on caffeine — or giving it up altogether — to see if it is contributing to the problem.
    Don’t smoke.
    Cut back on alcohol, or stop drinking it altogether.
    Make sure you eat regularly (low blood sugar can cause palpitations).
    Drink plenty of fluids.
    Get enough sleep.
    Have your doctor or pharmacist check all of your medications and supplements to make sure none cause palpitations. Over-the-counter products often responsible for palpitations are decongestants that contain pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine.

  2. hi,
    this doesnt seem to be related to hernia as your doctor has stated. Belching chest pains can be due to indigestion or gastritis. But skipped beats indicate a underlying cardiac disease.
    get a recent ecg done and consult a cardiologist.

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