I have been diagnosed with PCOS, need second opinion?

I am 26 years old and on October16 i have beed diagnosed with PCOS, after trying sporadically to get pregnant since me and my fiance are not living together.
My doctor didn’t put me in any medication saying that i will need a medication only after being a year of trying. I’ve changed my doctor and and she put mi on dikirogen to take it for 6 months and after 4 months i should go and check my ovulation. I did the glycemia and insulinemia and the insulin resistence was (HOMA-IR) 1.9. I think i am a thin type of PCOS case.
I would need some advice by a specialist if i am in a right way of taking this suplement or i should ad another medicine. My ovaries are biger than normal, right ovary is 47 and left 45

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  1. The value of HOMA indicates early insulin resistance..and in my opinion dikirogen is a good choice for your case,as I got from your words..you are not overweight ..if you are! Then keep your weight in BMI of 20-22 and exercise regularly,stay on a healthy low carbs diet..
    No need to worry so far..

  2. Hi
    Your doctors both of them are moving by the book there is no need for drugs like glucopage , but I think you need more investigation regarding your ovaries size
    It can be endometriosis or cysts which will make pregnancy harder, you can ask your doctors to put you on low dose glucophage to improve you pregnancy chances
    Good Luck

  3. hi,
    in my opinion ,you are on the right path and apart from a minor change in the doses of dikirogen,nothing much needs to be changed.
    Stay helthy,de-stress yourself .
    Yoga and meditation will help.

  4. Hi..

    If you are diagnosed with PCOD then there is a possibility that you might be having a problem with proper egg formation and release of egg that is a common cause of Infertility with PCOD patients..

    Secondly large ovaries can be commonly due to ovarian cysts..

    Dikirogen is Folic acid and other nutritionL agents containing supplement and is helpful but you also need to take proper medication like Metformin, clomiphene etc after proper investigations like Infertility panel, HSG, Transvaginal sonography etc..

    Hope this helps..


  5. hi im 29 i’ve been diagnosed with pcos since i was at collage, i’ve been married 1.5 yr i got pregnant after 1 year of trying i took clomid with a fertility supplement contain inisitol and folic acid, i lost the baby after 1.5 month of pregnancy..im still spotting from my misscariage but from next month im going to try dikrogen for few months with metformin am i on the right way??
    im 157cm
    55 kg
    thank you

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