Question: I have Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear…do I need surgery?

hello doctor I am … I have acl torn i am 23 years old and my questions are :
is this tear partial or complete and if partial how much of it is torn ?
does it require surgery ?
i have positive drawer test and positive pivot shift test

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3 Comments on “Question: I have Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear…do I need surgery?

  1. hi.. its a near complete tear
    any acl tears need surgery at your age, to avoid further complications.

    for better results, get the surgery done by arthroscopy method instead of an open surgery.
    U will get less stiffness and a good joint if done arthoscopically.

  2. Hi mohamed
    You have to put more slides so I can make sure it is only that minimal partial tear.
    It does not look scary at all and seems like you will need to do only physiotherapy to regain the strength of the ligament as it is so lax.
    Please provide me with 3 slides before and after this one.

  3. Hi mohamed
    It does not seem scary it looks like you need only to restrengthen your ligament by physiotherapy as it is very lax,and the tear is minimal..but let me see 3slides before and after this one to make sure it is as seen here only.

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