I have an overactive bladder, need advice?

Hi, I’m 21 years old. I saw my urologist and did an ultrasound, after the tests my doctor said I have an overactive bladder. I got it from sex with my boyfriend 5 months ago. My doctor gave me two weeks of sample packets of Myrbetriq which worked amazingly, everything finally felt normal again. But when I finished those the symptoms all came back. Since its $390 for a prescription of that my doctor put me on 5mg or Oxybutinin 2x a day. It has been 5 days and I still feel no difference. It isn’t helping at all. Will this eventually work? Or do you have any other ideas for how I can fix this? Also, are overactive bladder spasms something that will eventually go away or I’ll have this for the rest of my life? Also, I haven’t been having sex because I don’t want to make it worse, but will having sex affect this negatively?

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  1. hi,
    overactive bladders are not a permanent issues usually and you should get out of it soon.
    If the treatment you are taking right now isn’t helping then i guess you should change your doctor and get a second opinion.
    just having sex will not cause permanent damage to your bladder.
    If required,get a retrograde urethroscopy / cystoscopy done to find out the exact cause.
    once you are ok,you can lead a normal sexual life.
    thank you

  2. Hi
    In my opinion there is no relation between sex and overactive bladder , I recommend trying generic extended-release oxybutynin , there are many other substitutes that you can try but I will need a full history before deciding which,
    Also Botox can be a permanent treatment (ask your doctor)
    Good Luck

  3. In my opinion you should focus on treating the problem .not the symptoms..
    I recommend biofeedback therapy ,pelvic. Floor exercise ,as muscle exercising will help lower the contractions frequency and intensity as well as helping control.
    Avoid spicy foods, such as those containing hot peppers or curry
    citrus fruits and juices, such as orange, tangerine, and grapefruit
    tomatoes/tomato products, including spaghetti sauce and tomato paste
    coffee and tea, both caffeinated and decaffeinated
    alcoholic beverages
    And oxybutynin will work.

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    You should continue taking oxybutin as it will definitely help..

    Along with certain muscle tightening exercises, floor and pelvic exercises can help..

    Hope this helps..


  5. I recommend you to continue with increasing the dose…
    Also undergoing surgery can be a good alternative

  6. Your doctor did not search for the cause, have I done urine analysis, random blood sugar, do I have any previous medical hx, ???

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