I have adult polycyclic kidney disease, ache in lower abdomen, is it normal?

Age 43 female I have adult polycyclic kidney disease diagnosed when I was 27. Been taking antihypertensives since. Had dull ache in lower abdomen past 3-4 weeks, also has progressed to stitch like pain in both sides, although this seems to move around. Tummy feels inflamed and I feel bloated, reduced appetite. Feel tired. Urine tested no blood present. Saw go last week who gave me co codomol, when the pain became acute all of a sudden, have stopped taking now…. I suppose I just want to know if this is what I can expect from having apkd or if it’s a stomach thing…..

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  1. In my opinion it could be a different issue,you may be having IBS or gastritis/duodenum inflammation ..
    Get an abdominal USG done.and a stool test.

  2. hi,
    seems more of a kidney related issue.
    get a usg abdomen with a renal doppler done.
    kidney function tests need to be done in detail.
    anti spasmodic tablets can help.

  3. Hi
    Unfortunately both your adult polycyclic kidney disease and co codomol can cause sever abdominal pain ,
    i recommend asking your doctor to switch the co codamol
    Good Luck

  4. 1- it could be just flatulence and spastic colon so take spasmodigestin to decrease the bloating sensation, also eat vegetables and fruits, yoghurt.., avoid spicy food

    2- u should do kidney function test to rule out any kidney trouble as u r a high risk patient..
    3- pelviabdominal US following the tests and the new diet regimen if both are done with no improvement..

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