I have a tight feeling in my chest and short of breath?

I have a tight feeling in my chest and short of breath. I’ve been having pain my chest and left shoulder and upper back as well. Sometimes I feel like I can’t move. And my arms feel weak. I’ve had nausea like I want to be sick all night. I don’t smoke or drink. I’ve had the pain two weeks but the shortness of breath and tightness in chest since yesterday. Thanks

Age: 39
Medications: Metformin, co codamol, fluoxetine, gliclazide
General Information: I’m diabetic

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  1. Hello. The symptoms you describe could be caused by a number of problems. But if you experience nausea, shortness of breath and chest pain or tightness , you need to consult as soon as possible. Go to an ER . Could be a Muscle strain, Heart Problem, Anxiety, Pulmonary Hypertension. Regards

  2. I’m sorry to say I saw the GP twice. He did a blood test two weeks ago (for my heart he said) but he said they were clear and nothing to worry about. I’ve actually been to A&E three times (last time yesterday) where they’ve done ECG’s and said they were fine – although one was beating abit fast. I hate to keep bothering them. But it seems to getting worst and no one is telling me what it is. I’ve had two chest xray’s which were clear. But the tightness and short of breath is getting worst and when I’m sleeping and I wake up it seems my heart is racing. I’m desperate as I don’t know what else to do. It’s frightening as it’s very uncomfortable and can’t get my breath until I’m crying. Not sure what else to do as nobody is helping me. Thank you

  3. Well, if heart and chest have been checked, the next step would be to get an MRI of the Head and Neck to rule out any brain problems. Also, have you been feeling stressed lately? these symptoms may be anxiety related.

  4. I feel like I can’t keep bothering my doctor or A&E all the time over the same thing but there’s something wrong and it seems to be getting worst until I can’t breath properly. I wish someone would help me as I’m not sure whatbit is or what to do about it. I’m very worried it’s my heart (which they say it’s not) or something (cancer or blood clot). Doubtful but it must be something. I’ve never actually seen the doctor for years but now I seem to be there all the time and feel like I’m bothering them when they laugh and tell me not to worry. I just don’t feel well. My chest hurts when I breath

  5. Hi.
    The symptoms are pointing more towards cardiac problem.
    However similar symptoms can be seen in other problems like severe anxiety and panic attack, GERD etc but a proper diagnosis is a must to start a proper treatment before it worsen.

    So it is advisable to consult an Emergency room or a General Physician and get evaluated.

    A proper monitoring of the vitals and if there is a doubt an ENG and Echocardiogram can be done for further diagnosis..

    Hope this helps..


  6. I am so worried it’s my heart or blood clots. My chest hurts when I breath. Or blocked arteries in my chest. I feel like I can’t keep bothering my doctor or A&E. I’ve seen my GP 3 Times and been to A&E a couple of times they don’t seem to be investigating except for ECG’s. I’m not sure what else so I can do. I’m desperately worried and frustrated because nobody seems to be doing anything to help me

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