I have a small red bump above my lip, is it a pimple or cold sore?

Hello, I have had two cold sores in the past on my lower right lip. They where very small and after about a 7-10 day they where gone( I only had 2 in my life). Its been more than 5 years & I have a small red bump above my lip (not on the line) it began with a little itching when I notice the bump I put lysine cream on it & took a lysine pill, no pus, it didn’t burst, no fluid. I took a couple of Lysine pills , I am on day 7, it is just about gone no scab or ulcer, is this a pimple or cold sore?

Age: 40
Medications: metaoperal and dilt-xr sr
General Information: hypertensions

4 Comments on “I have a small red bump above my lip, is it a pimple or cold sore?

  1. Hello.There is lot of similarity between cold sore and pimple.The few differences are :Pimples are reddish raised bumps while cold sores are dark pink in colour.There is tingling and burning sensation in cold sores.Pimples are non watery while sores are watery.Cold sores usually do not occur more than once but the virus remains in dormant form.Its good news that the bump is subsiding.Do not squeeze it.Its possible that you had a pimple since its faded.Hope this helps. Best wishes!

  2. Hi,
    My opinion is it is not cold sore,do not worry about them..

  3. Hi..
    It does not look like cold sore, can be a hair follicle Infection..

    So do not worry..

    Apply antiseptic ointment over it..


  4. Hi
    This is a cold sore, pimples usually form at young ages only ,it is nothing to worry about any way
    Good luck

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