I have a pharyngeal pain on the right side, please advise?

I have a pharyngeal pain on the right side. Pain is very low in the morning but after 10 -11 start to irradiate in the right ear , mandible , right shoulder and cervical spine on the right.
Swollen right SCM muscle , trapezes etc ..
Swollen inflammatory glands on the neck on the right side.

Pain is bearable when i lay down in bed and i can sleep at night but i cant sleep on the right side.
Pain is better when i go to the gym but it’s worse the day after gym.

I have this pain for 2 years now .
– I removed my tonsils
– I did lots of tests like 5 MRI , 1 Angio MRI , 3 fibroscopy , all blood teste etc…
nothing is wrong and the pain is getting worse .
I am losing my mind.

I attached mi MRI of cervical spine .
I don’t know what to do next.
I excluded eagle syndrome . My styloids are 2 cm and 2,2 cm

Age: 40
I tried all antibiotics and pain killers in the world Nothing Work ! |Not even 1% of pain is gone

Doctors think that something in my spine is pushing in my throat in the vallecula epiglotis region .
Here is my pictore from fibroscopy on the Right side. This is my normal side on the left

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  1. It seems you have done necessary testing. Could be vallecula epiglotis protrusion. One other possibility is to get evaluated for fibromyalgia. Unexplained pharyngeal pain and swollen lymph nodes are one of the signs of fibromyalgia.
    There is no direct test for fibromyalgia which makes it hard to diagnose. But there are pain pressure points in your body your doctor can check to evaluate fibromyalgia. other symptoms include general pain, fatigue, and cognitive issues.

  2. Thank you verry much for the fast answer.
    The pain worsen as the day goes by.
    But i am verry active person , i dont fell exhausted and i feel great in the morning. I am going to the gym regularly .
    My doctor palpate the swollen area of the vallecula epiglotis and is verry painfull and the pain radiates from there.
    I dont think it’s fibromyalgia but i will investigate that.

    Is the MRI picture looking ok ?

  3. It’s verry hard to explain …
    I can do 50 pushups with no problem and no pain but if i raise my hand to scratch nose , pain in the sholder is verry high.
    I think it’s something that affect nerves on brachial plexus but i cant find anyone to give me an answer. Bad thing is inflamatory lymph nodes wich cant fit in any diagnostic… 🙁
    Fibromialgia is not inflamatory…

  4. Hello. Have you consulted a neurologist? May be a neurological problem such as Glossopharyngeal neuralgia (GPN) or other neurological disorder. Regards

  5. I put my tests here:


    maybe somebody in this world could help me . I ned a diagnostic or a direction to investigate further.

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