I have a nasal cyst which is caused by my teeth I can’t really breath?

Hi, my name is (…), I’m 23 years old. I have a nasal cyst which is caused by teeth.
About 11 years ago I had an operation. They cut my gum and removed the pus. And about 1,5 years they found a new cyst. I can’t really breath as it has grown quiet a lot and my nasal septum twisted.
Is there any way how to cure it without operation?
I tried Nasonex for about 1 month but it didn’t work for me.
Now I’m taking some ayurvedic medicines: manjishta, septilin, neem, kanchnar and lakshadi for teeth
(I alredy have some hole inside the gum)

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  1. In my opinion you should start with antibiotics. Course and then go directly to the surgery.

  2. Hi
    In my opinion only option is surgery, I am sorry but there is no other treatments , also ask your doctor to remove any fistula formed so no more cysts form
    Good Luck

  3. hi,
    nasal cysts of such type will hardly respond to any type of non-surgical treatment,whichever mode of treatment you chose.
    Surgical removal is the only option.
    You can go for the latest endoscopic surgery which has comparatively better results compared to the empirical open type.

  4. Hi..
    Breathing difficulty is due to cyst as well as Deviated septum..

    However the pus drainage is due to abscess I suppose and not a cyst..

    Being a Dental Surgeon I would suggest you to first of all send me your x rays so that I can evaluate them accordingly and advise you the Treatment..

    However such conditions needs surgical treatment but still an x ray will give me a better understanding..

    Hope this helps..

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