I have a mole/wart on my right hand palm, is it dangerous?

I have a mole/wart(I am not sure what it is called) on my right hand palm. It has been there for a few years(maybe 3-4) and its a bit reddish-brown. Bleeds once in 6 months randomly or when its under some pressure. Also – its not completely dry ..its a mix between semi-dry , semi-active.

3 Comments on “I have a mole/wart on my right hand palm, is it dangerous?

  1. Hi
    It is not dangerous , however if bleeding frequency increase or if size increase you will have to suspect melanoma
    Notice that it can turn to melanoma after years , so for now do not worry and just observe , if its causing discomfort then just have it removed

    Good Luck

  2. In my opinion you should not worry about it unless the size increase or the bleeding became more frequent as at this time it could be a type of skin cancer..
    You treatment option now is watch and wait..

  3. hi
    does not seem to be dangerous at present though.
    but still it needs close observation about its color changes and increase in size.
    a biopsy can be helpful.

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