I have a mole on my back, is it cancer?

Hi my name is (…), I have a mole on my back it was itchy now scabbing and red It’s a little discolored and crusty. I am a little concerned about the small and I need a little more information or maybe I can get a checked out and also skin cancer on my family. I’m going to send you the photo in the attachment.
Medications: Norvase, lisinoprol metropol

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  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query.

    Can you please tell that did the mole increase in size?
    -Is there any discharge from the mole?
    -Did the mole got injured that is causing redness and pain?
    -Since how long is it present?

    Please write back so that I can advise you better.


  2. Hi
    my opinion u need to have it checked especially if it did increase in size recently
    Good luck

  3. Hi,
    The change of nature and size in addition to the history of your family, i recommend you to check it with a dermatologist.

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