I have a lump at the bottom of my spine?

18 female no medication , I have a lump at the bottom of my spine specifically the top of bum it almost feels like a giant marble that I am able to move ,its painful if I am sat down for long periods of time or am in a certain laying position I almost feel like it’s structural and part of the bone rather than an abcess or boil,I fell backwards on my coccyx about 4 years ago and bruised it I don’t know if it’s something to do with that please advise thank u

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  1. In my opinion This could be a bursa (inflamed synovial sac) or thickened posterior longitudinal ligament.
    Hot packs,ultra sound and anti inflammatory gels can help.

  2. In my opinion you are describing a spinous process fracture
    I recommend an x ray to confirm the decide to do either surgical removal or fixation

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    this may well be related with the trauma you suffered 4 years ago. A bony chip may have avulsed out of spinous process or the coccyx.
    a xray would confirm the diagnosis.

  4. Movable lump, and painful while sitting on it, i believe its something in of above the skin

    Please describe the mass, is it soft, hard, firm, is it indurable or not…Its size… Since when, whether its associated with any other trouble u can feel or not

    Best regards

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