I have a growth on the glans of my penis?

I’m 26 and have a growth on the glans of my penis. They have been present for roughly 5-6 months now, they started small and became but haven’t grown in a few months now. Is this HPV? I’ve only had a handful of sexual partners, so it’s possible.They don’t hurt when I touch them or push on them, but I can feel a mild throbbing pain coming from that area after an erection or after inspecting them (touching them)

Medications: none
General Information: I’ve noticed some other bumps starting to form on the ridge of my penis glans, they don’t hurt with an erection, only after when I’m flaccid, and the pain is very mild, but noticeable.

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  1. Hello. Based on the information you provided It seems to be more like a cyst. Best to keep monitoring its progression. A cyst can be removed surgically for aesthetic reasons. But most cysts are harmless. If you feel pain or condition worsens you should consult. Regards

  2. Also I had forgot to mention that when I’m erect, the growth becomes more pronounced and raised / shiny, just wanted to add that information thanks.

  3. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    From tge explanation it looks like infection or inflamed glands.

    You should consult a Physician and get evaluated.

    A clinical examination and if needed a blood test can be done for confirmation.

    For now you can do alternate warm and cool compresses over it.
    Avoid wearing tight innerwear and change them daily.

    Hope this helps..


  4. I have a similar issue. What is your condition now?

  5. I seem to be experiencing the same thing, what could it be

  6. Oky & John – either of you find out what this may be? I’m experiencing this as well

  7. Nope, urologist told me to see a skin doctor.

  8. Skin doctor told me its lichen planus and prescribed a cream.

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