I have a defect in the base of my skull, need a second medical opinion?

Hi I am in a confusing situation. I have a defect in the base of my skull and my doctors have said this is the reason I have contracted meningitis twice. I have had an intermittent csf leak for the past 8 years and I have one surgeon saying operate and the other saying don’t as the risk o me losing my sense of taste is 80%! The leak is currently not active and my e n t specialist wants to do a cisternogram but I’m worried if I start leaking again then they will have to operate!

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  1. Hi
    Try avoid this surgery if you could, cisternogram result is already known I guess so why is your doctor recommending it, unless he is not sure where the block is, you need to ask him what new information cisternogram can provide
    Good Luck

  2. Hi ..
    In my opinion you should Go with the cisternography and do not go with the surgery since there is no leakage now…but depending on the result of the cisternography you should decide ,if there is again any leakage then I recommend shunt surgery in this case directly …
    Feel better soon

  3. hi,
    cisternogram should be done to study the details of the defect.
    it wont cause csf leakage per se.
    avoiding surgery is always a better option compared to surgical risks involved unless you have any active leakage or other symptoms.
    recurrent meningitis is due to the defect,i agree.

  4. U ‘ll need the surgery eventually, but give the cisternography a try…

  5. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, such surgeries always have post operative complications and are mostly causing irreversible damage..

    So as long as possible you should avoid Surgery..

    If the CSF leak is not active now, you can even postpone Cisternography.

    However it can be done to check for any leak in brain of spinal canal as a precaution..

    Hope this helps..


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