I have a cyst on testicle, should I get it removed surgically?

Hi, Doctor,
I am 25 yrs. Old guy who was diagnosed with an epididymal cyst with size of 23*28 mm on the right testicle,
The doctor I visited told me I need to remove that cyst ASAP via surgery to avoid infection or anything that could make the problem worse.
I read that that kind of cysts doesn’t need surgery unless they become very painful.
I also read that the epididymis might get harmed during the surgery but my doctor said it won’t affect fertility.!
I’m so confused about what I should do & I rely on your advice.
Thank you so much.

Age: 25
Medications: Nothing
General Information: Nothing

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  1. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    An epididymal cyst is a swelling filled with fluid pressure just above the testicle..

    It is not generally removed until it continue to get larger in size or becomes infected.

    So if it is not your case just relax..

    Very rarely this operation can affect your fertility.
    This happens because the structures that carry the sperm from the testis can be damaged during the operation.

    So another less possible cause to worry but still of you proceed for getting the cyst removed, talk to your Surgeon first..

    Hope this helps..

    Regards .