I have a black toenail, what could cause it and what could be done?

I have a black toenail. It just appeared a while ago I didn’t bang it or anything and it doesn’t hurt. I just noticed the black area seems to have spread a bit along the bottom of my nail. I obviously didn’t want to waste a doctors time as it not sore. Was wondering what could cause it and if anything i could do or buy to sort it out. I have included a photo of it.

Age: 41
Medications: Oxycontin, pregabalin, oramorph, amitriptyline, lidocaine patches
General Information: I have CRPS after sacral nerve injury from an operation that went very wrong. My left leg affected and currently immobile & housebound due to pain in my leg, hip and back.

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  1. This seems to be a fungal infection or a result of poor circulation caused by your immobility due to CRPS. For a fungal infection you can begin by using an over the counter anti fungal treatment from your local drugstore. If the infection seems to continue or grow you will need to consult a doctor for further investigation and obtain a prescription anti fungal treatment. A biopsy can determine the exact type of fungal infection. At the same time you should inform the doctor treating your CPRS about the black nail problem and raise the issue of poor circulation. Hope this helps.

  2. Thankyou very much for your time

  3. Hi..
    Most probably fungal infection..
    You can consult a physician or an Emergency room and get a prescription of oral and topical antifungal medication..
    Hopefully it will get better soon.


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