I have a 4-5cm lump on upper arm / bicep, is it really a cyst?

For a few years I have a 4-5cm lump on upper arm / bicep. Firm but movable when manipulated. Sometimes gives mild twinge of pain. Slightly raised if skin is held taut. Just under surface of skin. A doctor once said it’s a cyst, don’t bother.

Age: 59
Medications: NSAID

5 Comments on “I have a 4-5cm lump on upper arm / bicep, is it really a cyst?

  1. Hi,
    Most probably this type and site of lesions are cysts that should not be worried about if they are causing no other symptoms or getting larger..

  2. Hello.Is it painful?Since when do you have it?It possibly looks like a lipoma .Lipomas are painless lumps which occur due to accumulation of fatty tissue. They do not require treatment unless they grow bigger.If it is painful it is possibly folliculitis.Get back to us with more information on your lump. Take care!

  3. Hi..
    It can either be a cyst or lipoma ( that is aggregation of fatty tissue)
    Both are harmless..
    So it is correct that do not worry..


  4. Hi
    My opinion it is nothing important, probably a cyst
    Good Luck

  5. Hi I’m 24 and I’ve the same kind of lumps on my upper arms, bicep and on my back & they start itching. I’m lil bit worried , what doctor should I see for this……?

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