I had these black marks under my penis?

Well since I was about 14 years ago I’m now 26 I had these black marks under my penis they do not hurt what so ever or itch.
I’m just worried about the look as I seen many have a clean penis . I think they are blackheads.

Is it because of friction from too much masturbating.

Age: 26
Medications: Nothing

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  1. Hello. From the information you have provided, these look like bumps caused by Folliculitis that have dried out. A form of pimple or blackhead. If you have no symptoms such as itching, soreness when urinating, discharge or other unusual symptoms, there is nothing to worry about. Regards.

  2. Any treatments Dr Deepak

  3. Friction from too much masterbating 🤣, that’s a good one. But seriously try to wash using something like a facial wash to expoliate the skin to clean your under carriage homie. With those good scrub you can essentially do the same thing they say to do to you face as underneath the sausage. Take care dude

  4. i got the same thing ciz im 15 bro and i thaught i got hiv or some shit

  5. I have these as well, but I frequently scrub the sh!t out of it, any other treatments?

  6. I also have them and it’s my biggest insecurity how do I remove them

  7. I have them to but for me it itches 😰 it started when I was 13 and now am 16 and experiencing the same problem.am I going to die ,or am I seriously ill what do I do?

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