I had rotator cuff surgery in February and re tore it?

I had rotator cuff surgery in February and the op was a success. Then 2 weeks after the surgery i slipped up getting out of the shower and re tore it. The surgeon couldn’t re attach it fully as the stitching shreaded the front of the tendon. Im getting fairly good movement, but every now and then the shoulder pops out of place. My Pt and says not to worry about it . The pain is the same if not worse than before surgery. Im wondering if I should get a second opinion or just keep pushing through. Any thoughts ??


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2 Comments on “I had rotator cuff surgery in February and re tore it?

  1. Hi..
    You should consult an Orthopedic surgeon and get evaluated along with a latest x ray or MRI SCAN..
    Repeated dislocations can further damage the rotator cuff..
    So it is better to get the joint stabilized.
    It is a good sign that you have sufficient movement..

    Hope this help..


  2. Hi..
    Also please specify your age, sex and upload your MRI Scan..


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