I had non Hodgkin lymphoma what can help me manage the pain?

I had non Hodgkin lymphoma when I was 3 and this has left me with weakness in my legs however my pains have started to get worse and now struggling to walk far and stand up for a period of time I was wondering if there was anything that would help me manage the pain?

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    To control this type of pain, your pain specialist may use medications, such as nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-convulsants or narcotics. Other pain management methods may include nerve blocks, pain patches, pain pumps, steroid injections and i recommend acupuncture and TENS and physiotherapy modalities rather than depending on chemicals .follow up strengthening exercises program for your legs and trunk.

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    such type of pain is severe and usually does not respond to routine pain killers. take analgesics like tramadol,morphine etc. skin patches,injections.physiotherapy may help

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