I had hernia repair 6 weeks ago – Incisional and belly button?

66 year old female. I had hernia repair 6 weeks ago. Incisional and belly button. 3 weeks ago I started having a burning tearing sensation in my low right abdomen. It mainly hurts when I sit down or stand up. Yesterday that sensation started radiating around my belly button. I don’t know what to do or who to see. Also, 3 weeks ago I got Bronchitis and coughed a lot. I assumed this sensation was further coughing. Meds I take are: Carvedilol, Triamterene, Pantorazole, Meloxicam, Levothyroxine, Tramadal for back pain, Vitamin D1, Stool Softners, Ventolin Inhaler, Fluticasone Nasal Spray. I quit taking Delsicol 2 months ago because of constant headache which went away when I quit taking it.

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  1. If the pain beginning is synchronized with the beginning of the cough and bronchitis then in my opinion it would be a problem with the incision site that could have complicated muscle tear due to coughing ,I recommend revisiting your surgeon ..

  2. Hi
    You should see your surgeon , there may be partial tear due to the sever cough, avoid carrying anything and stay rested until then otherwise hernia may return
    Good Luck

  3. hi,
    this can be due to inflammation at the operative site.
    this can be at any layer of the repair..the mesh,muscle or subcutaneous layer.
    Better to get a usg abdomen done to rule out any tear in the repaired site.
    Cough should stop immediately to reduce intra abdominal pressure.take cough syrup.

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    In case if the pain started after coughing then it can be probably due to soft tissue injury at the site of Incision..
    Muscle tear or nerve related injury Canberra another cause..

    Consult your Surgeon and get evaluated..

    Hope this information helps..


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