I had Hashimoto a year ago?

I had Hashimoto a year ago and thyroid function has returned to normal without medication. My doctor suggested a neck xray for an unrelated condition but I am worried about the radiation directly on the thyroid. Should I avoid the xray due to risk of harming my thyroid further?

Age: 51
Medications: None
General Information: My doctor says the radiation level in a neck xray is small and won’t hurt my thyroid but with the history of Hashimoto, I’m concerned. Thoughts?

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  1. Hasimoto’s is an auto immune disorder – your immune system destroys your thyroid gland instead of protecting it. Why your immune system does this is still not fully understood. But radiation is not considered as a factor (at least for now). In fact the radiation you get from an x-ray is minimal, one way or another we are all exposed to radiation every day – it is all around us – the amount of radiation you get from an x-ray is about the equivalent of the radiation you get normally in about a couple of days, maybe a week – so, if you need it, I wouldn’t worry about getting an x-ray.

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