I had an ENT exam and the specialist did not use gloves?

I had an ENT exam and the specialist did not use gloves. The tubing the second time she went up my nose was touched at the bottom by her hand at the light. I should have stopped her and am beating myself up. I am ocd and PANICKED ! and watched this happen but somehow trusted her as she is well respected. She had used hand sanitizer she claims prior when she came in but shook my hand afterwards having been at another doctors and registering my thumbprint on the check in but I did use hand sanitizer twice but was holding a plastic cup from the water cooler) and then did the procedure the second time having touched the tip of the scope with her fingers. She wrote back she will change her ways and seemed unconcerned for my health. The pcp is under the same system and told me “not to worry” but agreed to do the testing I want. What tests should I have? Should i wait to get symptoms? I again am not sure she even used sanitizer. I am asking the pcp to do an hiv and Mrsa test. What else major should I have her test for? Hep C? I was not vaccinated against Hep B. Please help. It has been 48 hours and I feel okay.

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  1. Hi..
    Well, I understand your concern but as of now you need not to worry as nothing seems serious..
    Many viruses as soon as they come in contact with air dies immediately..
    So less chances of Infection..
    Yes, bacterial infections can sprout but of at all you are exposed bro infected individuals or instruments..
    So does not seem either..

    So do not worry..


  2. Hi.
    But in case if you find any symptoms then you can get a blood test done for ruling out Infection as per symptoms..


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